On Thursday 6 October and Friday 7 October the university's new professors and honorary doctors and prize holders will give lectures in the JU Aula at the School of Education and Communication. The subject matters of the public lectures is fascinating and diverse.

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The Thursday public lectures will be given by those professors who will be inaugurated at the Academic Ceremony as well as the winners of the Pedagogical Prize and Per Risberg Memorial Fund Scholarship. The moderator for the Thursday public lectures is Ulli Samuelsson, Associate Dean of Education at the School of Education and Communication (HLK).

You are welcome to the JU Aula at HLK External link, opens in new window. to listen to the lectures.

Childrens’ individual differences and the importance of ECEC, for children's development, well-being and learning - what is known and where do we need more knowledge?

Ole Henrik Hansen - Professor of Pedagogy

Language: English

09.20 - 09.40

Oral health in general and in particular

Ola Norderyd - Professor of Odontology

Language: English

09.50 - 10.10

Integrated product and production development – Reflections related to emerging trends

Kerstin Johansen - Professor of Integrated Product and Production development

Language: English

10.20 - 10.40

The bottom line of organisational control from the top

Timur Uman- Professor of Business Administration

Language: English

11.00 - 11.20

I’m done with all these games: a new era for addiction!

Amir Pakpour- Professor of Clinical Science

Language: English

11.30 - 11.50

Designing learning experience:

orchestrating diversity and experience

Darko Pantelic - Assistant Professor Business Administration

and winner of the Pedagogical Prize

Language: English

13.00 - 13.20

"Prof, no one is reading you"

Charlotta Mellander - Professor Economics and winner of the Per Risberg Memorial Fund Scholarship

Language: English

13.30 - 14.00

The Friday public lectures will be given by JU's newly appointed honorary doctors. The moderator for the Friday public lectures will be Salem Seifeddine, Associate Dean of Research at School of Engineering (JTH).

You are welcome to the JU Aula at HLK External link, opens in new window. to listen to the lectures.

A Brief History of Statistics and its applications

B.M Golam Kibria - Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Florida International University

Language: English

10.00 - 10.45

Gjuteribranschens satsning på forskning och utveckling

Christer Davidsson - Foundry Engineer and Industrial Strategist

Language: Swedish

11.00 - 11.30

Utveckling och användning av gjutna material

Sven-Eric Stenfors - Technical Licentiate and Senior Technical Advisor Materials Technologies

Language: Swedish

11.40 - 12.10

Joint question and answer session

Christer Davidsson and Sven-Eric Stenfors

12.15 - 12.45