Minor Field Studies (MFS)

Minor Field Studies (MFS)

The MFS programme offers students the opportunity to engage in global issues during their studies, in order to develop intercultural competence and broaden their knowledge within their field of studies with an international perspective. In addition students develop an international network that can lead to further collaboration in low - or middle- income countries.

Minor Field Studies

Minor Field Studies (MFS) is a scholarship programme for Swedish bachelors and masters students at Swedish universities and university colleges with an international interest. Within the MFS framework, the receiver of the MFS scholarship should collect data in a developing country for at least eight weeks for her or his bachelors or masters thesis. The focus of the study should be on issues related to the global development process and aspects of the thesis area that are relevant for the economic, social, political, cultural, or knowledge development of the developing country.

The scholarship is 27.000 SEK and is funded by Sida (The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). The scholarship will allow you for a minimum of 8 weeks to carry out a small field study in a developing country, which will then be the basis for your thesis.

Information from UHR about MFSexternal link, opens in new window (in Swedish only)


  • You are a Swedish citizen or have a permant residency in Sweden. Nordic students must have been registered in Sweden for at least one year before receiving a MFS scholarship.

• You are at the end of your programme and will do a final project work/thesis/essay on the C/Bachelor or D/Master level.
• You have an interest in global engagement in a developing country.
• You have an idea for a thesis related to development problems and have a specified connection with your subject area. The requirements for Final Project work/Thesis work/essay within your programme at Jönköping University apply.
• You have not received the MFS scholarship previously.


The application is available on ping-pong event Minor Field Studiesexternal link, opens in new window

In order to apply you must submit the application form and include the following: 
• A motivation letter. A brief description of yourself, interest in the host country and purpose of the project.
• Curriculum vitae (CV) in English.
• Project Plan
• Invitation letter from the host institution
• Budget.

On UHRs website you can find information about former students’ essays and previous trips.external link, opens in new window

Deadline for application:

15th of May

15th of September

15th of November

Welcome to the information sessions for all JU students!

  • 28 February,12-13 pm at Hc 114
  • 4 April, 12-13 pm at JTH at E1405
  • 29 August, 12-13 pm at JIBS B 4050
  • 24 October, 12-13 pm at HHJ Ga 334

NEWS! Scholarships for field studies at the Orphanage BaanChivitMai, Thailand

JU offers scholarships to pursue filed studies at the Orphanage BaanChivitMai in Chiang-Rai, Thailand from 2017 to 2010. More information below.

The MFS guideline and criteria applies. See Eligibility above.

Available to JU students at the bachelor and master level. (OBS! JIBS only for Civilekonom and two-year Master programmes).

2 scholarships available per year.

The scholarship is for 27 000 SEK (6 000 SEK is for accommodation, food, advising and help with translation at the orphanage).

Period: 8 weeks.

Selected students will not participate in the MFS-course in Härnösand but will participate in a seminar organized in Jönköping.
Students fill out the same application as for MFS and specify that they want to apply for the Orphanage BaanChivitMai scholarship


Important information for HHJ, JIBS and JTH students


MFS SESSIONS only for HHJ students (writing thesis abroad)

8 February 12.00 – 12.45, Ga 334, MFS - Introduction

15 February 12.00 – 12.45, Ga 442, MFS – Guidelines

22 February 12.00 – 12.45, Ga 334, Guest speaker

1 March 12.00 – 12.45, Ga 442, MFS – Application

*For more information about MFS see PingPong: MFS-studier HHJ

Thesis Abroad (HHJ students)

Thesis abroad is a scholarship worth 4000 SEK and financed by School of Health and Welfare. This scholarship is meant to be a complement of MFS programme as a result of hard concurrence and limited MFS-places.

Fundamental Guidelines of Thesis abroad programme are similar to MFS-programme. Differences are following:
- The amount of scholarships: 10
- The scholarship is worth 4000 SEK

  • the period of time abroad might be shorter: 4-8 weeks.
  • students are not attending mandatory MFS-course in Härnösand organized by SIDA but they’re attending whole day preparatory workshop at School of Health and Welfare.

Application: you can apply for Thesis Abroad at the same time as for MFS-programme. In the application form you will have a possibility to confirm that you want to receive a “Thesis abroad scholarship” in case that you will not receive a MFS-scholarship.

For more information, please contact International Relations Manager Lucie Weissova


For JIBS the MFS scholarships are only available to students registered in the Civilekonom programme and the Two year master programmes.


For JTH the MFS scholarships are available for all programme students exept for students studying the bachelor programmes in Building Projects/Construction Engineering and Architectural Engineering. 



Information meetings:
(No registration needed, welcome to join us!)

  • 28 February,12-13 pm at Hc 114
  • 4 April, 12-13 pm at JTH at E1405
  • 29 August, 12-13 pm at JIBS B 4050
  • 24 October, 12-13 pm at HHJ Ga 334

Contact at JU:

Lucie Weissovaexternal link, opens in new window