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Useful Information

Here is some useful information and links to help you prepare for your semester abroad.

Good to know from A-Z

Here you will find lots of helpful and practical information. External link, opens in new window. Some of this information is only relevant for students studying a complete program at JU. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

Living Costs

The following example of a feasible monthly budget will give you some idea of the costs of living in Sweden.

Accommodation: 3,000-6,500 SEK depending on location
Food: 2,000 SEK
Phone: 300 SEK
Monthly bus tickets: 480 SEK
Laundry and hygiene: 250 SEK
Clothing, hobbies, leisure: 750 SEK

Jönköping University



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Weekly Drop-in

Drop-in is closed over the summer period between 16 June and 13 August.

We will still be available to via the case system all summer, though as we are not fully staffed, it may take longer than usual to get a reply.

Happy Holidays!

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