CeFEO members published several books particularly impactful for the development of the family business research field.

The following books have been authored or edited by CeFEO members in the most recent years:

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    SAGE Handbook on Family Business

    Melin L. , Nordqvist M. , Sharma P.
    Sage, 2013

    The SAGE Handbook of Family Business captures the conceptual map and state-of-the-art thinking on family business - an area experiencing rapid global growth in research and education since the last three decades.
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    Theoretical Perspectives on Family Businesses

    Nordqvist M. , Melin L. , Waldkirch M. , Kumeto G.
    Edward Elgar, 2015

    Family business has become an increasingly studied field over the last decade and forms one of the fastest growing research areas today. The uniqueness of family business is the interaction between two systems: the family and the firm.
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    An Alternative Approach to Family Business

    Ericson M.
    Edward Elgar, 2022

    This insightful and innovative book proposes a new theory of socio-material weaving for studying and understanding family business. It dissolves the family business into activities, constituted of the sociality of human interactions and relations and interwove...
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    Family Businesses Dynamics

    Hall A.
    Edward Elgar, 2012

    This engaging book reveals how and why family relations influence the dynamics of family owned businesses. The author examines the relevance of role and identity to the strategic development and the succession process of family businesses. She explores the ind...
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    Understanding Entrepreneurial Family Businesses in Uncertain Environments

    Nordqvist M. , et al.
    Edward Elgar, 2011

    This thorough volume describes and analyzes entrepreneurial family businesses in Latin America. The research presented here has been conducted within the Global STEP (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices) Project.
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    Social Innovation of New Ventures

    Ramirez-Pasillas P. , Ratten V. , Lundberg H.
    Routledge, 2020

    This book provides insights into how new ventures in emerging economies and developing countries generate social innovation. It showcases new forms of business and how they are different from traditional business models.
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    Moral Human Agency in Business: A Missing Dimension in Strategy as Practice

    Ericson M.
    Cambridge University Press, 2018

    In this timely book, Ericson focuses on the moral human agency involved in business by leading the reader through the full span of the activities involved in coffee production, from-bean-to-cup.
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    Contextualizing Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies and Developing Countries

    Ramírez Pasillas M. , Brundin E. , Markowska M.
    Edward Elgar, 2024

    Entrepreneurship in emerging economies and developing countries presents us with a unique set of working attitudes, modes of thinking, social practices and processes.
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    Entrepreneurship and SME Management Across Africa

    Achtenhagen L. , Brundin E.
    Springer, 2016

    This book focuses on issues related to entrepreneurship and SME management on the African continent by providing insights from different conceptual, empirical and case studies.
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    Management Challenges in Different Types of African Firms

    Achtenhagen L. , Brundin E.
    Springer, 2017

    This book focuses on management challenges in different types of companies, ranging from small to large, from private to public and from service to manufacturing in the African context.