Bilal Ousiabou

Doktorand material och tillverkning
För en presentation av Bilal Ousiabou, se engelska presentationsidan.


Ousiabou, B., Ooi, S., Javaheri, V., Ghassemali, E. (2024). On accelerated design, and characterization of a hydrogen-embrittlement tolerant Mn-Steel Engineering Failure Analysis, 162. More information


Ousiabou, B., Conway, P., Ghassemali, E. (2023). A strategy for designing alloys with improved hydrogen embrittlement resistance. 17th European Congress and Exhibition on Advance Materials and Processes, FEMS EUROMAT 2023, 03-07 September 2023, Germany. More information
Ousiabou, B., Conway, P., Ghassemali, E. (2023). High-throughput CALPHAD for designing hydrogen-embrittlement resistant alloys. Materials Today Conference 2023, 2-5 August 2023, Singapore. More information