Anders Andersson

Senior Lecturer mathematics
Doctor of Philosophy


Andersson, A., Nilsson, B., Biro, T. (2016). Fourier methods for harmonic scalar waves in general waveguides Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 98(1), 21-38. More information
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Doctoral thesis

Andersson, A. (2009). Numerical conformal mappings for waveguides (Doctoral thesis, Växjö: Växjö University Press). More information

Book chapter

Andersson, A. (2010). Numerical Conformal Mappings for Waveguides. In: Computational Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications Hauppauge NY, USA: Nova Science Publishers More information

Conference paper

Andersson, A., Nilsson, B. (2009). Electro-Magnetic Scattering in Variously Shaped Waveguides with an Impedance Condition. More information
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Andersson, A. (2006). Using a zipper algorithm to find a conformal map for a channel with smooth boundary. More information

Licentiate thesis

Andersson, A. (2006). Numerical Conformal Mappings for Regions Bounded by Smooth Curves (Licentiate thesis, Växjö: Matematiska och systemtekniska institutionen, Växjö universitet). More information