Eva-Mari Blomqvist

Head of Department
Programme Manager
Eva-Mari became registred nurse 1987 and has worked in pediatrics, gynecology and hemodialysis. 
From 1987 to 1990, she worked as a nurse in Bangladesh.
In the mid-1990s, she was inspired by development work and attended several courses in
quality improvement work and began training employees in the County Council of Jönköping in QUL
(Quality, Development, Learning) - continuous improvement.
She has a master's degree in care science and has also studied information logistics.
From 2000 until 2015, she worked with quality improvement, patient safety, care coordination,
hospital construction and reconstruction, student coordination, etc. from a health care
management level but also regionally. 2015-2019 she worked as the Chief Operating Officer in
Children's Mission Philippines in Manila, Philippines.
Since March 1, 2020, she is a university lecturer at JA. Her main subjects are:
coaching, project planning, buisness improvement and quality improvement.
Eva-Mari is the department officer and the program officer for the masterprogram in quality improvement and leadership.