Olof Granath

Master of Science
Programansvarig Produktutveckling och design


Granath, O., Wessén, M., Cao, H. (2010). Porosity reduction possibilities in commercial Aluminium A380 and Magnesium AM60 alloy components using the RheoMetal process. Metallurgical Science and Technology Metallurgical Science and Technology, 28(1), 2-11 Italy: Teksid Aluminium .
Cao, H., Wessén, M., Granath, O. (2010). Effect of injection velocity on porosity formation in rheocast Al component using RheoMetal process International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 23(3), 158-163.
Wessén, M., Andersson, N., Granath, O. (2010). Effect of sodium modification on microstructure and mechanical properties of thick-walled AlSi6Cu2.5 rheocast component Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, 20(9), 1643-1648.