Karina Huus

Department of Nursing , School of Health and Welfare
Head of Discipline -
Research School of Health and Welfare , School of Health and Welfare
Programme Manager

Karina Huus is a Pediatric Nurse, Professor in Nursing with a focus on children and young people, and programme manager for specialist nursing education at the nursing department. She is also responsible for the subject in the postgraduate education Disability Science.

Karina is a member of the interdisciplinary research environment CHILD at Jönköping University and she is an active researcher within the Institute for Disability Science, which is a collaboration between Jönköping University, Linköping University and Örebro University.

Karina's research is about children's health, children's rights and about children with disabilities and their participation in everyday activities. Karina collaborates with researchers from Sweden as well as several other countries such as South Africa, Australia, Canada, Portugal, China and Taiwan. The research groups in Sweden and South Africa have received funding from STINT to be able to strengthen cooperation and study participation in everyday life for children with disabilities and to be able to measure and compare the extent to which children with disabilities are involved in everyday activities at home, in school or in society. Participation is here both about being physically present in place for an activity, but also about being able to participate and be involved when you are actually there. This is not always the case when you have a disability.

Karina is also one of the researchers in the research program Mental health and participation in habilitation interventions for children and youth with disabilities: The program will investigate factors that affect participation with a focus on mental health and services offered to children with disabilities who have mental illness. Children will be followed longitudinally for 5 years, where researchers gather information prospectively. Children, parents and professionals work together to develop and evaluate methods for involving children and parents in the intervention process.


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Article, review/survey

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Conference paper

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