Kerstin Johansen

Senior Associate Professor


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Working more collaboratively with robots or exchanging materials in products and thus identifying which production system and / or production technology is most suitable are new opportunities that companies today face.

Kerstin's research focuses on how to increase the degree of automation in a flexible way and industrially beneficial. New opportunities to collaborate safely between humans and robots in collaborative tasks and new production technologies impose new requirements on how, as a production technician, you interact with a product development process. The goal of the research is to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial benefit, through collaboration linked to automation, production development and industrialization with the aim of jointly developing knowledge that contributes to future competitiveness.


Kerstin Johansen holds a PhD in Assembly Technology from Linköping University, a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University and a docenture in Integrated Product and Production Development from Linköping University. Kerstin has more than 10 years of industrial experience.

Kerstin has had assignments in both education and administration as well as management and research; and is part of both national and European networks focusing on collaboration for industrial benefit. In 2019 Kerstin became Senior Associate Professor of Product and Production Development at Jönköping University and thus research leader of the Production Development Group.

The Production Development Group aiming to create knowledge about the development of production systems of the future. The focus is on the entire chain from production strategy to implementation of production systems and its production technology solutions. Crucial knowledge for managing the industrial requirements includes production preparation, adaptability, reconfigurability, automation, and the ability to use the increased amount of available digital information.


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Article, review/survey

Book chapter

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Conference paper

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Doctoral thesis

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Licentiate thesis

Johansen, K. (2002). Product introduction within extended enterprises : description and conditions (Licentiate thesis, Linköping: Linköpings universitet).

Other publications


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