Linda Johansson

Head of Discipline Health and Care Sciences
Head of Department
Institute of Gerontology , School of Health and Welfare
Associate Professor


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Linda Johansson is an associate professor with a PhD in nursing. She is the head of the Institute of gerontology and senior lecturer. She also has the position as head of the discipline health and and care sciences at the Research school  Health and Welfare.

Her thesis from 2013 aimed at exploring and describing foodwork (planning, shopping and cooking) and meals as well as the nutritional status among persons with dementia living in their ordinary home. The results showed that there is an association between reduced cognitive ability and increased risk of malnutrition. Changes regarding foodwork and meals affected both the persons with dementia and partners. Therefore, it is important to support both partners in the couple using a person-centered approach.

Between 2014-2018 Linda was involved in a project funded by the Swedish Research Council, first as a postdoc and later as a researcher. The project focused on healthy aging and important findings are; 1) People with dementia are at high risk for malnutrition but a structured preventive approach can help improve the nutritional status, 2) there is a association between nutritional status and oral health among older persons. Staff therefore need to focus more on oral health, 3) by combining different registry data, it is possible to study trajectories of care.

Today, Linda's research focuses on coercion and restraints among persons with dementia, elder abuse as well as preventive care for older persons in the areas of nutrition, falls, pressure ulcers, oral health and drugs.