Rachid Oucheikh

Department of Computing , School of Engineering


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Oucheikh, R., Löfström, T., Ahlberg, E., Carlsson, L. (2021). Rolling cargo management using a deep reinforcement learning approach Logistics, 5(1). More information
Oucheikh, R., Pettersson, T., Löfström, T. (2021). Product verification using OCR classification and Mondrian conformal prediction Expert systems with applications. More information

Conference paper

Oucheikh, R., Fri, M., Fedouaki, F., Hain, M. (2021). Deep anomaly detector based on spatio-temporal clustering for connected autonomous vehicles. 12th EAI International Conference, ADHOCNETS 2020, Paris, France, November 17, 2020. More information
Oualil, S., Oucheikh, R., El Kamili, M., Berrada, I. (2021). Benchmarking Classical and AI-based Caching Strategies in Internet of Vehicles. 2021 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops, ICC Workshops 2021, 14 June 2021 through 23 June 2021. More information
Oucheikh, R., Fri, M., Fedouaki, F., Hain, M. (2020). Deep real-time anomaly detection for connected autonomous vehicles. 11th International Conference on Emerging Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks, EUSPN 2020, 2 November 2020 through 5 November 2020. More information