Bilal Ousiabou

Doctoral Student Materials and Manufacturing


Bilal Ousiabou started his journey in material science in his home country, Morocco, at Cadi Ayyad University, where he got his engineering degree in material science. As a second step, Bilal beneficiate from the ERASMUS Mundus scholarship to pursue his studies in the international master program AMASE (Advanced Material Science and Engineering) in Europe. His first year was in France at the European School of Material Engineers (EEIGM), and his second was in Sweden at Luleå Tekniska Universitet (LTU). 
Bilal worked during his studies on different topics, including the synthesis of a Xerogel material for batteries application, the Design of heat treatment to develop steel of the 3d generation of advanced high-strength steel (AHSS), and metal matrix composites.


Bilal started his Ph.D. in February 2022 and will focus on developing high-throughput screening methods for accelerated alloy design and development (focusing on high entropy alloys; HEAs). His research will also include alloy production and characterization with possible high-throughput experimental work. The primary focus will be generic alloys. Later, during the second phase of his Ph.D. research, he will validate developed methodologies on a specific group of alloys (most likely Fe-based alloys for Hydrogen-related applications).


Ousiabou, B., Ooi, S., Javaheri, V., Ghassemali, E. (2024). On accelerated design, and characterization of a hydrogen-embrittlement tolerant Mn-Steel Engineering Failure Analysis, 162. More information

Conference paper

Ousiabou, B., Conway, P., Ghassemali, E. (2023). A strategy for designing alloys with improved hydrogen embrittlement resistance. 17th European Congress and Exhibition on Advance Materials and Processes, FEMS EUROMAT 2023, 03-07 September 2023, Germany. More information
Ousiabou, B., Conway, P., Ghassemali, E. (2023). High-throughput CALPHAD for designing hydrogen-embrittlement resistant alloys. Materials Today Conference 2023, 2-5 August 2023, Singapore. More information