Jakob Olofsson

Senior Lecturer Materials and Manufacturing - Casting
Associate Professor


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Jakob Olofsson's research is within product development of cast components, with focus on structural analyses with consideration of the local variations in mechanical properties that are obtained in cast components. By considering these variations it is possible to obtain a better prediction of the component behaviour when the component is subjected to load. This enables a more effective product development process for cast components and leads to better predictions of, e.g., how much load the component can withstand, where it is risk for component failure or how long the component will last. Computer simulations of the different steps of the casting process are used to predict the local variations in both elastic and plastic mechanical properties, and simulations based on the Finite Element method (FEM) are used to predict the stresses and strains obtained in the component when subjected to load.

The research is mainly performed in the research project CCSIM within the research profile CompCAST. The project aims to enable a closed chain of simulations for cast components, from casting to component behaviour in service. The project mainly focuses on cast aluminium alloys, but Jakob´s research also involves different types of cast irons. Jakob has previously been involved in the research projects VI and VIKTOR, with focus on the coupling between microstructure and mechanical properties of austempered ductile iron (ADI) and aluminium.


Jakob Olofsson received a Master of Science degree at Linköping University in January 2005. The studies were within Mechanical Engineering with specialisations in Solid Mechanics and Materials Science. Jakob then worked for five years in the industry, first as mechanical design engineer and design responsible of power turbine parts for gas turbines, and then as design engineer and CAE engineer within the automotive industry. In September 2009 Jakob started his Ph.D. studies at the department of Mechanical Engineering and the research environment Materials and Manufacturing — Casting at the School of Engineering, Jönköping University. 2012 Jakob presented his licentiate thesis, and in 2014 he successfully defended his PhD-thesis entitled “Simulation of Microstructure-based Mechanical behaviour of Cast Components".

SInce June 2014 Jakob serve as an acting assistant professor, and is e.g. responsible for and lecturer in the course Solid Mechanics which is given for bachelor students in Mechanical Engineering from the School of Engineering and bachelor students in Prosthetics and Orthotics from the School of Health Sciences in Jönköping.