Marisol Rico-Cortez

Assistant Professor Product Development


Kaneberg, E., Rico-Cortez, M., Hertz, S., Jensen, L., Sandoval-Pineda, J., Gonzalez-Huerta, R. (2022). Hydrogen technology for supply chain sustainability: The Mexican transportation impacts on society International journal of hydrogen energy, 47(70), 29999-30011. More information

Book chapter

Almusaed, A., Almssad, A., Rico-Cortez, M. (2023). Critical interpretation of a non-creative supervision practice for Ph.D. students. In: S. El Takach & O. Tayfur Ozturk (Ed.), Studies on social and education sciences 2022 (pp. 26 -46). Washington, DC: The International Society for Technology, Education, and Science (ISTES) More information

Conference paper

Rico-Cortez, M., Andersson, N., Johansen, K. (2024). Exploring the Industrial Engineering Competences in the Changing Landscape of the New Industrial Revolution. 11th Swedish Production Symposium, SPS2024 Trollhattan 23 April 2024 through 26 April 2024. More information
Adlemo, A., Almusaed, A., Conway, P., Hansen, Å., Rico-Cortez, M. (2023). Hybrid education: A critical review into challenges and opportunities. 19th CDIO International Conference, CDIO 2023 Trondheim 26 June 2023 through 29 June 2023. More information
Rosengren, A. Adlemo, A. Almusaed, A. Conway, P. Hansen, Å. Jensen, L. , ... Svensson Durics M. (2022). Collegial learning during the pandemic: Realized activities and lessons learnt. Reykjavík: Reykjavík University, 18th International CDIO Conference, Reykjavik University, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 13-15, 2022. More information