Bilal Zafar

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Dr. Bilal Zafar is an expert in the field of wireless comunications and electrical engineering with over a decade of experience of teaching and research at TU Ilmenau in Germany. Since April 2023, he has joined the computer science department at JTH. 

His publications can be found at


Agostini, P., Utkovski, Z., Stańczak, S., Memon, A., Zafar, B., Haardt, M. (2022). Not-Too-Deep Channel Charting (N2D-CC). 2022 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), 10-13 April 2022, Austin, TX, USA. More information


Ahmad, B., Weinberger, K., Sezgin, A., Zafar, B., Haardt, M. (2023). The Perfect Match: RIS-enabled MIMO Channel Estimation Using Tensor Decomposition. More information