Hanna Ahonen

Ph.D. Student
Research School of Health and Welfare , School of Health and Welfare

Hanna Ahonen is a doctoral candidate in Health and Care Sciences, Research Scool of Health and Welfare. 

The project aims to study oral health in two populations; one general adult population and one specific population including adults diagnosed with hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea. 

Oral health is an essential part of our general health and well-being. In 2016/17, World Dental federation proposed an new definition of oral health accompanied by a theoretical framework to decribe oral health, its driving determinants, moderating factors and the connection with general health and well-being. The theoretical framework is set as the basis for included studies in the doctoral thesis. 

Hanna Ahonen is a registered Dental Hygienist and have a Master Degree in Oral Health Sciences. She works as a lecturer at the Dental Hygisnist program at School of Health and Welfare and has previously worked as a Dental Hygienist with in the private dental sector in Sweden. 


Ahonen, H., Kvarnvik, C., Norderyd, O., Broström, A., Fransson, E., Lindmark, U. (2020). Clinical and self-reported measurements to be included in the core elements of the World Dental Federation's theoretical framework of oral health International Dental Journal. More information

Conference paper

Ahonen, H. Kvarnvik, C. Broström, A. Fransson, E. Nygårdh, A. Stensson, M. , ... Lindmark U. (2019). “No one seems to know”: Studieprotokoll för utvärdering av ett teoretiskt ramverk för oral hälsa avseende reliabilitet och validitet i en obstruktiv sömnapné population. SFSS Årskongress, 16-18 oktober 2019, Uppsala. More information
Ahonen, H., Kvarnvik, C., Broström, A., Fransson, E., Nygårdh, A., Stensson, M., Lindmark, U. (2019). Oral hälsa och obstruktiv sömnapné- protokoll för en longitudinell studie. Tandhygienistdagarna, 7-9 april, Arlanda Airport. More information