Mikaela Backman

Docent nationalekonomi
Director of PhD Candidates
Nationalekonomi , Jönköping International Business School
Biträdande centerledare
CEnSE - Centrum för entreprenörskap och regional utveckling , Jönköping International Business School
Ekonomie Doktor

Mikaela Backman has a PhD in Economics (since 2013) and is employed as an associate professor in economics at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS). Her re­search focuses on the prerequisites for entrepreneurship, development, growth and com­petitiveness for individuals, firms and regions. She has a solid research background where she has published several articles related to entrepreneurship, self-employment and firm development. She has also been involved in may projects both as project leader and project member. In 2017 she won the prize “Young researcher of the year” for her research in entrepreneurship.