Arne Dahle

Professor Materials and Manufacturing - Casting

Department of Materials & Manufacturing , School of Engineering



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Professor Dahle obtained his MEng and PhD in Metallurgy from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. His PhD was supervised by Professor Lars Arnberg, and was on solidification and mushy zone behaviour of aluminium alloys. He received an honorary doctorate in 2010.

From 1997 to 2012, Dr Dahle was a Professor in the Division of Materials in the School of Engineering at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

Professor Dahle joined Jonkoping University in September 2013

Research interests

Dr Dahle’s research is in the area of physical metallurgy of light alloys, with particular focus on solidification processing of light alloys, rheology of the mushy zone, casting defect formation, microstructural evolution and control, grain refinement and eutectic modification. His current research projects in light alloys include (i) development of high integrity Al alloys; (ii) eutectic modification of Al-Si alloys, (iii) grain refinement of Mg alloys; (iv) rheology of partially solid light alloys; (v) casting defect formation in light alloys and (vi) layered composite structures. Much of the research has been conducted with support and collaboration with local and international companies.

Professor Dahle has more than 250 publications, with 150 publications listed on Web of Science and a h-index of 27. He is also the creator of revolutionary hydrogen storage technology which is being commercialised by spin-off company Hydrexia in Australia. Dr Dahle has 5 patents.

He has won several awards for his research and teaching, including becoming Best Teacher at The University of Queensland in 2011.

External activities

Key Reader for Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A.  Member of Editorial Board for Journal of Alloys and Compounds. Regular reviewer for many other journals. Member of the Scientific committee of several international conferences.

Expert Assessor for the EU and various research offices in Europe, Canada and Australia.

Visiting Professor, EPFL Lausanne and Grenoble-INP.

Consultant for Rio Tinto Aluminium, Hydro Aluminium and Alcoa.


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Bjurenstedt, A., Ghassemali, E., Seifeddine, S., Dahle, A. (2019). The effect of Fe-rich intermetallics on crack initiation in cast aluminium: an in-situ tensile study Materials Science & Engineering: A, 756, 502-507. More information
Hernando, J., Elfsberg, J., Ghassemali, E., Dahle, A., Diószegi, A. (2019). The effect of coarsening of primary austenite on the ultimate tensile strength of hypoeutectic compacted graphite Fe-C-Si alloys Scripta Materialia, 168, 33-37. More information
Santos, J., Jarfors, A., Dahle, A. (2019). Formation of Iron-Rich Intermetallic Phases in Al-7Si-Mg: Influence of Cooling Rate and Strontium Modification Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. A, 50(9), 4148-4165. More information
Hernando, J., Elfsberg, J., Dahle, A., Diószegi, A. (2019). Evolution of primary austenite and its influence on eutectic microstructures during coarsening of Fe-C-Si alloys , 7. More information
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Bogdanoff, T., Dahle, A., Seifeddine, S. (2018). Effect of Co and Ni Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties at Room and Elevated Temperature of an Al–7%Si Alloy International Journal of metalcasting, 12(3), 434-440. More information
Bjurenstedt, A., Casari, D., Seifeddine, S., Mathiesen, R., Dahle, A. (2017). In-situ study of morphology and growth of primary α-Al(FeMnCr)Si intermetallics in an Al-Si alloy Acta Materialia, 130, 1-9. More information
Bogdanoff, T., Seifeddine, S., Dahle, A. (2016). The effect of SI content on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si alloy La Metallurgia Italiana, 108(6) Milano: Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia . More information
Santos, J., Jarfors, A., Dahle, A. (2016). Filling, Feeding and Defect Formation of Thick-Walled AlSi7Mg0.3 Semi-Solid Castings Solid State Phenomena, 256, 222-227. More information


Ceschini, L. Dahle, A. Gupta, M. Jarfors, A. Jayalakshmi, S. Morri, A. , ... Singh R. (2017). Aluminum and Magnesium Metal Matrix Nanocomposites. More information

Conference paper

Santos, J., Jarfors, A., Dahle, A. (2019). Variation of properties in the cross-section of semi-solid al-7si-0.3mg castings. 15th International conference on Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites, S2P 2018; Shenzhen; China; 22 - 24 October 2018. More information
Olofsson, J., Salomonsson, K., Dahle, A., Mathiesen, R. (2019). Three-dimensional study of nodule clustering and heterogeneous strain localization for tailored material properties in ductile iron. Joint 5th International Conference on Advances in Solidification Processes, ICASP 2019 and 5th International Symposium on Cutting Edge of Computer Simulation of Solidification, Casting and Refining, CSSCR 2019, 17-21 June 2019. More information
Awe, S., Seifeddine, S., Jarfors, A., Dahle, A. (2016). Development of cast Al-Cu-Si ternary eutectic alloys for high temperature applications. Linköping: VBRI Press, European Advanced Materials Congress, 23-25 August 2016, Stockholm, Sweden. More information

Other publications

Santos, J., Jarfors, A., Dahle, A. . The effect of magnesium on the intermetallic phases and heat treatment response of cast Al‐7Si‐Mg. More information

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