Nina Gunnarsson

Senior Lecturer Social Work
- Social Work
Department of Social work , School of Health and Welfare


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Nina Veetnisha Gunnarsson’s research interest centres on mental health and mental health problems, addiction, and theoretically embedded research in micro sociology (e.g. symbolic interaction) and the sociology of emotions, with a special focus and interest in the experiences of shame, identity work and discourse, narrative analysis.

Current independent research projects:

  • The role of shame in self-injury
  • older women who self-injure
  • Collaboration social welfare and health care (children and youth) 

Current joint research projects with researchers from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and University of Manitoba Canada:

  • Mental health and foodhypersensitivity/allergy


Nina Veetnisha Gunnarsson is a senior lecturer in social work at Jönköping University. She started her research journey in an interdisciplinary doctoral program at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and received her PhD in humanistic medicine (medical sociology) in December 2011. Her thesis explored the everyday practical and interactional strategies used by parents, particularly mothers, in parenting children with allergies, and in particularly such contexts and relations where their parental self and identity may be at stake (e.g. the interview context).  

Nina V Gunnarsson serves as a reviewer for a number of international scientific journals.