Özge Öner

Assistant Professor Economics
Economics , Jönköping International Business School
Assistant Professor Economics
CEnSE - Centre for Entrepreneurship and Spatial Economics , Jönköping International Business School
PhD in Economics


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Özge has defended her PhD in Economics in 2014 with a focus on Retail Geography, and she also holds a MSc in Economics with a focus on Creative Industries. Özge has been involved in several projects related to the geography of Swedish Retail and Hospitality sectors.
Her current research covers a wide range of topics within Urban and Regional Economics: non-market interactions, ethnic enclaves and segregation, social capital, applied models of human capital, location of entrepreneurship, labor mobility, urban amenities, as well as retail and hospitality geography.
She is currently working as a Research Fellow at the Institutet för Näringslivsforsknin in Stockholm (Research Institute of Industrial Economics), and as an Assitant Professor at Jönköping International Business School.


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Book chapter

Öner, Ö., Larsson, J. (2021). Microgeography of Restaurants: Sub-City Analysis of Restaurant Location and Colocation Using Swedish Geo-Coded Data. In: Ferrante M., Fritz O., Öner Ö. (Ed.), Regional Science Perspectives on Tourism and Hospitality (pp. 41 -64).


Conference paper

Öner, Ö., Klaesson, J. (2016). Does ethnic enclaves foster immigrant entrepreneurship? The Swedish experience. The 19th Uddevalla Symposium on "Geography, Open Innovation, Diversity and Entrepreneurship" June 30th to July 2nd, 2016, London, UK.

Doctoral thesis

Öner, Ö. (2014). Retail Location (Doctoral thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping International Business School).

Other publications


Backman, M., Klaesson, J., Öner, Ö. (2017). Innovationer inom besöksnäringen.