Yinef Pardillo Baez

Assistant Professor Operations and Supply Chain Management
Leave of absence


Pardillo-Baez, Y., Sequeira, M., Hilletofth, P. (2020). Local and Organic Food Distribution Systems: Towards a Future Agenda Operations and Supply Chain Management, 13(4), 336-348.
Andersson, R., Pardillo-Baez, Y. (2020). The Six Sigma framework improves the awareness and management of supply-chain risk The TQM Journal, 32(5), 1021-1037.
Pardillo-Baez, Y., Andersson, R., Bridi, E., Paladini, E. (2019). Lean Six Sigma Philosophy Improves Collaboration To Get More Integrated Supply Chains Revista Eletronica de Estrategia E Negocios, 12(3), 153-176.

Conference paper

Pardillo Baez, Y., Sequeira, M., Hilletofth, P., Andersson, R. (2019). Local Distribution of Organic Food: A Review and Research Agenda. OSCM 9th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM), 15 – 18 December, 2019,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.