Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas

Assistant Professor Business Administration

Programme Director
Business Administration , Jönköping International Business School

PhD in Business Administration

I joined JIBS as an assistant professor in October 2011. Since then I have had an exciting path of development.

Sustainability - PRME work

I worked as PRME manager at JIBS from 2013 to 2018. I helped JIBS introduced the United Nations PRME related work anchored in our guiding principle 'Responsible in Action'. During my time as a PRME project manager, JIBS took important steps in embedding our guiding principle “Responsible in Action” and PRME in education and different activities for faculty and students. I developed the JIBS-PRME reports of progress. For my work with PRME at JIBS, I was selected as the 2015 CEEMAN Champion Award in the category of Responsible Management Education. In 2017, Global PRME gave JIBS a recognition for its 2nd JIBS SIP Report 2015-2017 for its Excellence in the 'Advanced Sharing Reporting Practices'. 9 business schools were selected for a recognition out of all PRME members.

Together with my colleagues Sofia Kjellström and Petra Wagman (School of Health and Welfare), Ellen Almers (School of Education and Communication) and Jonelija Zelic (School of Engineering), we launched JU Sustainable, a cross-functional sustainability network, for faculty and students of Jönköping University that supports education, research, and collaborations with society geared towards sustainability. In 2017, this network was assigned by the Rector as a Reference Group in the first 'Self-Evaluation Report for Sustainability' for Jönköping University. The Self-Evaluation Report was requested by the Swedish Authority of Education. The Self-Evaluation was developed by Gunnar Gunnarsson, Chief Planning Officer of the School of Education and Communication. Jönköping University received positive results for its work with sustainability.

In 2015, I and Leticia Lövkvist started a Linnaeus Palme exchange focused on 'Sustainable Entrepreneurship' between Jönköping International Business School and Tecnológico de Monterrey. The programme has so far benefited 4 Mexican students, 3 Swedish students, 2 JIBS faculty members. 4 Tecnológico de Monterrey teachers visited JIBS in the Autumn 2017.

Sustainable entrepreneurship research

My research areas include sustainability, entrepreneurship, contexts and practice theory. I am interested in entrepreneurial phenomena that are socially based triggering different sustainable entrepreneurship(s). The sustainable entrepreneurship(s) are working attitudes, modes of thinking, social practices and social innovations that are crucial in today´s societies as they embrace human dignity, and inclusive growth.


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