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Shamnath was born in 1989 and grew up in Kerala, India. In 2011, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Mechanical engineering from the University of Kerala in India.  The following year (January 2012), he moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and began his first job as Planning engineer with a focus on Project management and continue until 2014 (July). The same year (August), he started a Master's degree in Production development and management from Engineering school of Jönköping and completed in 2016. He got a position as a Production Planner at Logistic company soon after his masters. In late 2017, he got started with doctoral studies in the field of product development at the Department of Product development at the School of Engineering in Jönköping. He is also part of the ProWOOD + graduate school.


Research Project

Supporting the design phase of Industrialised house-building when introducing a  product platform strategy.

The future construction needs are enormous in Sweden. It is estimated that 700,000 homes need to be built in the next 10-15 years. The market is facing an imbalance in terms of demand and supply of housing solutions. The house building industry is struggling with efficiency problems and high complexity in the design phase, which adds time and cost to the process. Thus requires development and standardization of both product and process so that value creation can be increased throughout the project flow. The platform approach in product development has been acknowledged as a capable approach in terms of standardisation of product and process and could be a way towards value creation in the entire process.


The main objective of this research is to identify the significant aspects in the design phase of the Industrialised house-building industry and outline means to support efficiently by using a product platform strategy. This project has the potential to set a new standard for the construction of multistorey buildings. In addition, the demonstration of methods and tools that can be used for the improvement of the design phase when applying a product platform strategy will be developed. Through the development of standardized design, components and systems, high-efficiency gains can be obtained. It is relevant for future competitiveness and growth for wood-based, sustainable building system.


Thajudeen, S., Elgh, F., Lennartsson, M. (2022). Supporting the Reuse of Design Assets in ETO-Based Components: A Case Study from an Industrialised Post and Beam Building System Buildings, 12(1). More information
Thajudeen, S., Lennartsson, M., Elgh, F. (2022). Identification of challenges and success factors in industrialised house building design Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Management, procurement and law, 175(1), 27-37. More information

Conference paper

Thajudeen, S., Elgh, F., Lennartsson, M. (2022). Applying a DFMA Approach in the Redesign of Steel Bracket - a Case Study in Post and Beam System. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC), Edmonton, Canada, July 25-31, 2022. More information
Thajudeen, S., Lennartsson, M., Elgh, F. (2020). Expanding the building system into a product platform for improved design and manufacture – A case study in industrialised house-building. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 9th Swedish Production Symposium, SPS 2020, 21-24 April, 2020, Jönköping, Sweden. More information
Thajudeen, S., Lennartsson, M., Elgh, F., Persson, P. (2020). Parametric modelling of steel connectors in a glulam-based post and beam building system - Towards a flexible product platform approach. 27th ISTE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, July 1 – 10, 2020. More information
Popovic, D., Thajudeen, S., Vestin, A. (2019). Smart manufacturing support to product platforms in industrialized house building. Modular and Offsite Construction Summit 2019, May 21-24 2019, Banff, Canada. More information
Thajudeen, S., Lennartsson, M., Elgh, F. (2019). Challenges and critical success factors for the design phase in Swedish industrialised house building. 35th Annual ARCOM Conference, 2-4 September 2019, Leeds, UK. More information
Thajudeen, S., Lennartsson, M., Elgh, F. (2018). Impact on the Design Phase of Industrial Housing When Applying a Product Platform Approach. Chennai, India 26th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction, 18-20 Jul 2018, Chennai, India. More information

Licentiate thesis

Thajudeen, S. (2020). Supporting the design phase of industrialised house building using a product platform approach: A case study of a timber based post and beam building system (Licentiate thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping University, School of Engineering). More information