Choosing the master’s programme in Materials and Manufacturing is not all about lectures and ECTS credits. To Adriana Mura, sharing experiences and ideas with other people was just as important as new theorical knowledge.

Adriana Mura has gained experience working at the Italian company ProService, but the required level of knowledge has increased steadily. She felt the need to ”grow up” and to go deeply in some topics with regards to the casting defects and the process control.

– The idea of "grow up" means not only trying to increase the knowledge on the theorical metallurgical aspects, but especially share the knowledge with other people and exchange ideas. This in particularly allows to open the mind and escape from the standard and repetitive matters often performed in our job.

In Jönköping, Adriana found a broad network within and outside the university. – I really liked the possibility to interact with, listen to and ask people how they work in different metallurgical areas and with different specializations. Except the fixed lessons, a lot of supplementary details and interesting in-depth studying emerged in the network.

The mostly web-based courses and the half-time studies at Materials and Manufacturing are meant to make it possible to combine studies and work. After a tough start, Adriana found a flexible way to work as usual.
– At the beginning I thought that it would be impossible to follow the job and also the course, but finally nothing is impossible. Clearly the results are strictly dependent on the time that you deserve during the week, so if you are too busy one week, you can do some more efforts during the subsequent week.

The goal is now set – to use as much as possible from the education directly in the job.

– For example, when I'm following a customer problem and I need to solve or find a solution, the idea is to share the information with other people. In a team it is possible to reach higher results and developments. Someone raises the problems and someone else gives the solution.