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Entrepreneuring 15 hp

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In this Entrepreneuring course, you'll find an integrative approach that combines lectures, interactive seminars, workshops, and the practical development of your own venture, all woven together throughout the duration of the course. Lectures and insights from experienced academics and entrepreneurs will lay the conceptual groundwork, while seminars and workshops will encourage you to engage with the material actively, fostering a deeper understanding.

You won't have to wait to put theory into action. From the onset, the creation and refinement of your own entrepreneurial project will run parallel to your learning, ensuring continuous application of classroom knowledge. This blend of learning and doing is supported by ongoing personalized coaching, which will provide a scaffold for your development and help you overcome the unique challenges that arise.

As the course unfolds, it will systematically address the multifaceted challenges that today's entrepreneurs face, positioning you to navigate the landscape confidently. You'll cultivate a suite of essential skills, ranging from analytical and lateral thinking to leadership and team collaboration, all while learning to communicate effectively and sell your ideas convincingly. Emphasizing personal growth, the course will equip you with the resilience to manage stress and embrace the uncertainties inherent in entrepreneurial ventures.

Areas covered are:
  • entrepreneurial creativity, opportunity spotting, and developing new venture ideas
  • assessing the feasibility of venture ideas
  • implementing new venture ideas, testing hypotheses about the idea, and iterating the idea based on the results
  • legal forms of ventures
  • new venture marketing
  • entrepreneurial financing and accounting

Connection to research and practice
This course benefits from JIBS’ excellence in research on the entrepreneurial process and context and combines this with insights gained at its Media, Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC) in relation to sustainability and the need for sustainable entrepreneuring. The course is conducted in tight collaboration with Science Park Jönköping and makes use of different practical state-of-the-art tools for generating, developing, and pitching venture ideas. With its focus on entrepreneurship, this course is tightly connected to JIBS’ core research area of entrepreneurship. Several of its entrepreneurship faculty are involved in delivering this course, ensuring its anchoring in state-of-the-art research on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. The course is practically oriented not only in that it focuses on students’ work on their own venture ideas, but it also involves several guest lecturers from practice. The final pitches are evaluated by a jury comprising JIBS teachers as well as representatives from Science Park and other organizations, with seed funding awarded to the most promising venture ideas.


Bachelor's degree (i.e. the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university).

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Kurskod/Ladokkod: JEPR23
Kursen ges vid: Jönköping International Business School

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Hösten 2024: vecka 34 - vecka 02 2025
Thomas Cyron
Thomas Cyron
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