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Applied International Marketing 7,5 hp

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The course provides students with a process of understanding Trade and Export Management and a theoretical framework for making International Marketing decisions.
The course begins with an overview of the theoretical bases of international marketing. These include international trade theories, export behavior theories and motives, network models and the international environmental factors that influence the firm such as cultural, political and legal.
Following this, the main planning and strategic international marketing decisions are examined. This includes the selection of international markets and entry modes. Case studies are used in this part of the course to illustrate the challenges that arise when attempting to plan, select and enter new markets.
Finally, the tactical international marketing decisions such as pricing, financing, supply chain and promotion activities are presented. In addition, practitioners and government assistance agencies dealing with international marketing and export management will present live case studies and practical examples. For each part there will be a related reading of research articles.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (i.e. the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university), including 30 credits in Business Administration

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