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Human Resource Management in a Globalized World 7,5 hp

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The aim of this course is to develop students understanding of how people in organisations interact. It will introduce various people management concepts and human resource processes and practices. Students will develop the ability to compare and contrast HRM approaches to recruiting, employee selection, compensation and benefits, training, development, and organizational management and development.

Connection to Research and Practice

The course is focused on human resource theory and connects to research in this area by the following:
• Connecting students with internal and external faculty who are research focused in the areas of human resource management through lectures and seminars where the researchers own research is used as teaching material.
• Introducing students to the traditional and contemporary frameworks in HRM, talent management, global perspectives on HRM and global resource strategies.
• The practical connections brought into the course are lectures from company HRM executives on their challenges with these concepts and in real live problem-solving cases with these companies.


General entry requirements and 60 credits in Business Administration or Economics or equivalent.

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