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Internship in Economics - Master level 15 hp

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The objective of the internship in economics is to give the student experience in applying his/her theoretical knowledge in practical work concerning economics, thereby allowing the student to further develop skills in applying the theoretical approaches which have been treated in the various courses of the program. The main aim of the internship course is hence to facilitate increased in-depth learning within economics by translating prior learning and experience in an applied setting at an organization.

The course also aims to develop the students’ ability to work both independently and in collaboration with others. By applying theoretical knowledge to practical experiences, the internship course provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the variations between theory and practice and the value of combining them to gain valuable knowledge and skills for a career in economics.

Students must be enrolled in the internship course before they start the internship. The internship must be approved by the study counselor and the course examiner.

Connection to Research and Practice
During the internships course the students are required to connect their practical experiences to research by using the academic literature in their written assignments. The ability to link the practical experiences with the research frontier is an important part to assimilate the research. The research topics to be covered will depend on the internship but will be within the field of economics with focus on the various courses of the program. This means that several of the students will connect their practical experience with research carried out at JIBS including but not limited to our broader research areas, for instance, entrepreneurship, renewal and ownership.

The connection of practice is at the core of this course.


General entry requirements and Bachelor´s Degree in Economics equal to 180 credits, master-level courses equal to 45 credits, including at least 30 credits in Economics (or the equivalent).

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