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Managing a Multinational 7,5 hp

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This course covers core concepts in multinational management and global operations. In contrast to broader strategy-focused courses, it adopts a practical perspective to the lived experience of actual policy implementation and the management of multiple objectives. It actively considers the role of informal and formal power dynamics, mandates, negotiation, and resource scarcity as aspects of the real-world context that managers within multinational organizations must operate within. Furthermore, it centres on the perspective of subsidiary managers and explores how they strive to simultaneously achieve both subsidiary- and corporate-level objectives.
The connection to practice is embedded within the course. Course content is centred around the practical challenges and opportunities facing managers in multinational organizations. The course itself is also structured around a long-term business simulation exercise that gives students a replicated experience multinational management, thus providing them with a nuanced understanding of working within this context and developing their phrenetic sensitivity in this area. Guest lecturers will also be invited to provide their insights on how to work well within these environments.

Core theories, models, and concepts from academic literature are also interwoven throughout the course to provide a theoretical backbone. Theories and models will be used not only to explain phenomena prevalent in multinational settings but will also be used by students to propose solutions to practical issues they face in the simulation exercise.


Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or equivalent (i.e., the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university).

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