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Research Methods: Design, Implementation and Analysis 7,5 hp

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This course uses a modular structure that can be followed at the student’s own pace. Each of the six modules include lectures from experts in the respective field and are accompanied by PowerPoint slides and suggestions for further reading. In the first module, the philosophical roots underpinning research such as the epistemological basis for generating scientific knowledge and the demarcation between science and pseudoscience are presented. Following this, module two provides a discussion on searching for relevant literature in order to form sound empirical and theoretical understanding of the phenomenon being researched. The third and fourth modules cover aspects of crafting research reports, understanding the research process, advice on how to write a thesis, and how to begin problematizing and formulating a purpose for a research project. In module five, a number of research methodologies are introduced which will help students to determine an appropriate data collection strategy. Included (among other topics) in this module are sampling issues, case study research, surveys, interviews and experiments. Finally, in module six, methods for analyzing and presenting your data, such as inferential statistics, qualitative/quantitative content analysis are presented.


30 credits in Business Administration or Economics

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