Career Center Jönköping University

Meet Career Center at Karriärrum!

Career Center at Jönköping University is a resource for all JU-students, when it comes to your future Career.

Maybe you are new in Sweden and want to know more about working culture here? Are you looking for a a part time job? Or a job after graduation? Or an Internship that is related to your education? Maybe you need someone to give you feedback on your CV, cover letter or Linkedin-profile? How do you network in Sweden and as a student? You are called to an interview but feel that you need some real life practice before?

Career Center offers help with all these questions. We also offer a lot of lectures and other activities during the semester. During Karriärrum you can come and talk to me, Lisa, who works as a career counsellor at the University to discuss all questions you may have. I can help you signing up to Jobteaser and give you quick feedback on your applications on the spot!