Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasing part of our lives and is predicted to play a major role in the manufacturing industry. The PrepAIr project identifies mechanisms that affect the readiness for AI transformation in manufacturing companies. In a collaboration between industry and academia, the importance of competence, ideas, emotions and power structures is studied.


The purpose of the project is to identify factors that affect organizations' readiness for an AI transformation. The participating companies work in parallel with their own AI transformation and the project both supports and follows their development.

The goal is to gain good insights into how an organization can analyze, understand and develop its own AI preparedness and what consequences this has on the business. Insight into one's own organization's readiness is important in order to be able to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that an AI transformation can bring.

Regular workshops ensure a continuous exchange of knowledge between companies and researchers, which together contribute to an increased understanding of how organizations can prepare for AI transformation.

PrepAIr is one of several projects within the framework of the research profile AFAIR, which has been developed in collaboration with industry to integrate technical, logistical and organizational aspects of the introduction of AI. PrepAIr is part of the theme AI transformation of industrial organizations, one of three areas within AFAIR.

Modell Synergiformulering "schematic illustration of the interaction between the subprojects"

Yellow circle: Data-driven planning and execution of flows. Green circle: Data-driven development of products and services. Pink circle: AI transformation of industrial organisations.

Ultimate goal

For an organisation to adapt to the use of AI can in many ways mean a big change. To some extent it is about an ongoing and known integration of AI in work processes, to some extent about development that is still to come, and thus a relatively unknown future. The project's primary focus is the future and how organizations can prepare to embark on an AI transformation. It involves a search for ways to identify important mechanisms that will have impact. Potential challenges such as emotions, skills gaps and power structures are identified. Dealing with AI in an open, systematic and constructive way can be crucial in the long run for Swedish industry's competitiveness.

Expected results

The project aims to gain good insights on how an organization can analyze, understand and develop its own AI preparedness. These can be, for example, strategies for filling skills gaps, tools for managing stress and insecurity among employees and ideas for new work processes and professional roles. The participating companies are developed in real time, but the new knowledge will benefit all companies within Swedish industry. Knowledge is communicated regularly at feedback meetings and joint workshops. Based on the lessons learned from PrepAIr, a subsequent project will focus on proactively leading and organizing to integrate AI with flow efficiency and changing professional roles in mind.


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