Academic Partner: School of Engineering

Industrial Partners: Scania CV, Husqvarna, Volvo Cars, Kongsberg Automotive

Duration of Project: 2018-2020

Reasearch team:

Jakob Olofsson (Project manager)

Johan Jansson

Arne Dahle

Kent Salomonsson

Joel Johansson



Faster product development, fewer defects and durable components that weigh less – those are the goals of ODISSEE2. This research project unites design and manufacture in virtual simulation tools. Its methodology is now being used for cast components in the automotive industry.

ODISSEE2 aims to meet industry’s need to find solutions that deliver both streamlined product development and end results that have superior material properties. In close collaboration with Volvo, Scania, Husqvarna and Kongsberg, the research team is analysing the problems that can arise in product development and then have repercussions throughout the entire process.

“Design failures give problems in production and, in the end, the products will be less durable. Virtual product development in simulation tools avoids costly physical experiments,” states Jakob Olofsson, senior lecturer in materials and manufacturing.

Modell över optimeringsprocessen

Correct input in an early phase

ODISSEE2 involves a number of researchers. They are taking a closer look at factors such as weight-reduction, the durability of cast materials and how these can be improved by linking simulation tools with each other. This enables manufacturing companies to obtain valuable input early in the product development process. This ultimately results in cast components that have optimal design and are lighter and more durable.

“If the products are designed correctly at the start, weight reductions of around 20 – 25% are possible,” reveals Jakob Olofsson.


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