Milad Ashour Pour

Universitetslektor integrerad produkt- och produktionsutveckling


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Milad is currently Assistant Professor in Integrated Product and Production Development at Jönköping School of Engineering (JTH). He was previously a postdoctoral researcher at JTH from 2019 until 2021. Prior to that, he graduated from Università degli studi di Brescia in Brescia-Italy with a PhD in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in 2017. He got his MSc. from Politecnico di Milano in Milan-Italy in the field of Industrial Engineering in 2013.

He has a hands-on experience and understanding of industrial manufacturing (specifically injection molding machines), while his entire doctoral studies were concerned with productions based on Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies. His expertise in the latter lies in ensuring manufacturability of parts and products by performing comprehensive analyses both in terms of technical evaluations as well as economic feasibility studies. This includes not only the possibility of new product development projects through AM, but also improvement of functionality, reduction of wastes, and increasing efficiency of existing products both during production and use-phase.

Most of the current activities revolve around the use of automation in production, including manufacturing and assembly operations. In doing so, projects that are in connection with industry's automation needs and requirements are applied for. In line with these projects, lectures in the same areas are developed and given in the MSc. level to further enhance and advocate the use of automation at the regional and national scale. Development of simulations based on software such as Visual Components and RobotStudio, programming and virtual commissioning of robotic cells alongside feasibility study of those cells, End-of-Arm-Tooling design and rapid prototyping, and testing in the lab environment are among the most prominent activities that are vigorously followed in the field of automation.


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