Efficient Implementation and Management of Systems for Design and Manufacture of Custom Engineered Products

This project aims to develop knowledge and solutions which will enable Swedish industry to offer increased customization options of engineered products. Individualized products, resource-smart design and production, and a focus on customer value have been pointed out as three opportunities for Swedish industry to stay competitive on a globalized market.

An industrial need has been identified to make increasing and more effective use of systems supporting customization of engineered products. From a scientific perspective, there is a lack of knowledge on how to support efficient implementation and management of such systems. The industrial partners in this project have all faced the problems and challenges of bringing a principle technical system solution into operation as well as support its management. This is pointed out as the major obstacles for not taking fully advantage of the investment that would significantly sharpen their competitive edge.

The project will develop methods, models and tools that will allow companies to efficiently implement and manage automated design and production preparation systems supporting an engineer-to-order business model. The project will also produce demonstrators that will provide opportunities for validation and further development in industry.

Project partners: School of Engineering, Sandvik Coromant, GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Thule, Isaberg Rapid
Project time: 2014-2017
Funded by: The Knowledge Foundation and the project partners
Total budget: 10.9 million SEK

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