For JU-Staff - Order a lecture

Do you want to order a lecture related to your programme?

Career Center is happy to come to your programme and do lectures according to your inquiries.

We can offer lectures within:

- CV and Cover letter i.e before applying to Internship or Industrial Placement Courses

- Job interviews

- How to find a job in Sweden

- How to find and Internship/IPC

- Build your network

- Lectures about the labour market after finishing the JU-education. We will adapt the lecture according to your programme so the lecture is completely individual for each programme

- If you have other sujects or topics that you want help with, we will be more than happy to discuss this.

We are also happy to come out to your prgorammes to give a short presentation about Career Center and what kindd of service the students can receive during their whole study time at JU.


If you have a request or inquiry, feel free to contact us any time on or by telephone 036-101077.