Here we publish articles and news with focus on our students careers. You will also find Interviews with our speakers and formers and current students as well as information about past and upcoming events.

  • Reflection and efforts to develop
    Henrik Hansson Tengberg has an engineering master's degree in production systems from the School of Engineering and a MSc in Innovation and Business Creation from the Jönköping International Business School. He addressed the students as part of the Career Center's series of lectures, entitled "An alumnus explains".
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  • Stand out from the crowd – Strategies to help you achieve your goal!
    Peter Cederqvist is founder and CEO of the company New Start Nordic. He is an experienced lecturer and trainer within coaching and leadership. The company specialises in issues relating to career, working life and talent management, along with coaching, career development, leadership and change management.
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  • Working for the EU
    Saranda Daka works as a project manager at the Swedish Board of Agriculture in Jönköping. On 10 December 2014, she gave a lunch seminar for students about her career. The seminar was organised by Jönköping University’s Career Center.
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  • Aleksandra –  Graduate Trainee at Scania
    Aleksandra Naglik came to Sweden in 2013 to study at JIBS. She studied a Master Program in Financial Analysis (one year program). In her home country of Poland she had earlier studied Bachelor Studies in Finance at Wroclaw University of Economics.
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  • A career with a global company
    As part of the Career Center’s series of alumnus talks, Petter Lindgren spoke about his career with Tetra Pak, a global company that operates in more than 170 countries. Petter completed his master’s degree at Jönköping International Business School in 2001 before joining Tetra Pak as a trainee.
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  • Your career starts in your student days
    You can begin planning your future career as soon as you begin your studies. You will make many contacts with the world of work during your education, through sponsor companies, internships, degree projects, trainee placements, summer jobs, careers fairs, etc
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  • Thinking about a new CV? Describe what you will be doing tomorrow. Not what you did yesterday
    Peter Anderberg gave a presentation to students about career development, on the theme: "How can you create your own future?". Once you have completed your studies, the world is at your feet. And if you know where you are going, you do not need a map. However, the vast majority of us have no idea what we actually want to do.
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  • Dallas next for Julia
    Yulia Lukyanchenko took the International Management bachelor's programme at JIBS. She graduated in June 2011. By August that year, she already had a trainee placement at Nefab's head office in Jönköping. In April 2013, her journey takes her west, to Dallas in Texas to be precise. Yulia has been appointed Aerospace Segment Manager at Nefab in the USA
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  • How do you find a job in Sweden?
    Career opportunities for international students studying in Sweden are good, but there are challenges that students need to be aware of. Students are also often interested in staying on after completing their studies. Rodrigo Garay, founder of the Working for Change and Diversity Talent company, believes companies understand that diversity is vital to their success. As an international student, you absolutely can succeed!
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