JU Card

JU Card

The JU Card is for students and staff at Jönköping University.

With the JU Card you can:

  • Access the premises on campus
  • Borrow books from the University Library
  • Access to student discounts
  • Easily access the printers/photocopiers
  • Proving membership for Jönköping Student Union
  • Proving membership for each student association

New JU Card

The card is ordered online when the user account is activated or through the Self Service. During the transitional period two types of layouts will be used.

Download a photo when activating the user account or Use one of the photo booths on Campus to take a photo. The card is picked up at the JU Card Office.

Read more about obtaining your JU Card


Update Your JU Card

The JU Card has a rewritable section, which is meant for the information that is to be renewed each semester. This could be, for instance, verification of membership of Jönköping Student Union and its student associations as well as the validity data. The cardholders must themselves update the JU Card in the photo booths or at card printers, see map.

Opening Hours

The JU Card Office is open:

Mon-Thu 12:00 to 13:00



During other times:

Photo booths on campus