Using the JU Card

The JU Card is a multi-functional card:

Verify your status as student at JU

A valid JU Card confirms that you have access to the university premises, functions and services.

Access card

The JU Card gives you access to the premises that you should have access to. Access is dependent on your studies (what course and/or what programme). If there are any reasons to change your access you should contact your programme coordinator.

Library card at the University Library

The JU Card is automatically set as your library card at the University Library. You can borrow books by using the JU Card at the self-service machines.

Printing and copying

Use your JU Card to identify yourself at the printers/photo copiers. You will be recognized by the system and you will be able to access your printouts and your charged money (only students). More information on printing/copying can be found here Opens in new window.. Opens in new window.


Photo booths on campus

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