School of Education and Communication

As study counsellors, we are your conversation partners when you need to discuss thoughts and ideas regarding studies, work and career. We want to help you realize your competencies, interests and values to help you make well-founded decisions concerning education and your future.
We also work with follow-up sessions.

Study counsellor for:
  • Human Resource Programme
  • International Work
  • Media and Communication Science Programme
  • Teacher Education Programmes
  • International Work
  • Single subject courses
  • Programmes on master level

Study counsellor for:

  • Teacher Education Programme
  • Preschool Education Programme

Study counsellor for:

  • Teacher Education Programme (subject areas)
  • Additional Teacher Training.

Book an appointment

The Study counsellors are located at the second floor in building K. Since the entrances to every floor in building K are locked you need to have booked an appointment beforehand. Book an appointment or ask your questions by e-mailing your study counsellor.

Simpler questions are preferrably asked by email. 

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