Work as a note taker

Note taking support is a valuable support for a student who, due to disability, has difficulty taking his or her own notes at lectures, and means that you share your own lecture notes with one or more students.

The note-takin support is a paid position of trust for which a little financial compensation can be obtained. You share your own notes to others shares.

There are no rules and guidelines about how your notes should look or how they should be written. The hope is that the notes are clear, transparent and easy to follow. It is important to include information provided by the lecturer that is not in the powerpoints. The assignment may include explaining the notes to the person receiving them, if necessary.

The assignment extends as long as you agree with your classmate and can be interrupted by both parties at any time during your studies.

You as an note taker have no responsibility for the student's studies or study results, it is the student's own responsibility to make the lecture notes into useful study material.

It is the post-work, i.e. the processing of the notes before you send them away, for which you are paid, not the writing itself. The fee for note taking support is 105 SEK/h and you get paid for 2 hours of work/week, regardless of the number of lectures.

If you share your notes with multiple classmates, the following applies to compensation:

  • If you take notes to 1 student, you can report a maximum of 10 hours/month
  • If you take notes to 2 students then you can report for a maximum of 14 hours/month
  • If you record to 3 or more students, you can report a maximum of 16 hours/month.
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