Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I register for a course or semester via the web registration?

It could be that the web registration hasn’t opened yet. The web registration opens one week before the course start/roll call. When you are admitted to a programme you need to be registered as a student at Jönköping University and to the programme at the beginning of each semester. You can find more information about your registration here.

Do you still have problems with your registration you can contact us here.

Why can’t I update my JU card with new stamps?

You can’t update your JU card before you have paid the Student Union fee. The fee is to be paid every semester online or at the Student Service desk in the Student house.

If you are a fee paying student, the Student Union fee is included in the tuition fee. If you can't update your card, please wait a few days then try again. If it still doesn't work, please contact staff at the Student Service desk in the Student house.

You can find many questions and answers about the JU-card here.

How can I get a Transcript of Records/Certificate of Registration?

You can download a Transcript of Records and a Certificate of Registration via StudentLadok. If you need another type of certificate or a certificate with a stamp you are welcome to contact us.

What does a parking permit cost?

A parking permit costs 250 Swedish kronor per month. Every month on the 25th we start the sale of students parking permits for the next month. If the 25th is a holiday we will start the sale next working day. We have a limited number of parking permits and these are often sold out quick. You order the parking permit online, read more here.

Can I buy a parking permit for the whole semester?

No, we do not sell parking permits for the whole semester.

Am I guaranteed a parking space with my parking permit?

No, you are not guaranteed a parking space. We have a limited number of parking spaces at campus and these are shared with staff so first come first served. See the parking spaces at our campus map here.

I have questions about my accommodation, who can I contact?

You can meet staff from Accommodation office at Service Center, please see their office hours on the right side of this page. You can also find a lot of information here. Should you not find the answer to your question you can contact us here.

How can I apply to the Swedish language courses?

You can find information about the courses and how to apply here.

Why can’t I register for my exam?

It could be that it’s not yet possible to register for the exam. The exam registration usually opens about a month before the exam, and you register via StudentLadok no later than 10 days before the exam. See the exam schedules here to find exact dates on when the exam registration opens.

If you have any problems registering, please inform us here as soon as possible, but not later than 10 days before the exam. If you have forgotten to register for your exam you will be given a new chance at the reexamination.

Why can’t I see my scanned exams?

When your examiner has corrected your exam, it can take a few days before the exam is scanned and available to you at the examination page at the Student web and in the JU app. You are always welcome to contact us and we can have a look at why your exam isn’t available.

Can I get access to my original exam on paper?

Once your exam has been scanned you can of course get access to your original on paper if you wish. Contact us here and we will help you. Please note that the original exam is only archived for one month after the date of scanning.

Where can I ask my IT-related questions regarding username, eduroam, printouts, JU-app and more?

You can find many questions and answers on IT Helpdesk's FAQ page. If you do not find the answer to your question you are welcome to contact them here. IT Helpdesk is also open for visits on weekdays between 8-15 on the 3rd floor in the A building, same building as Service Center.

I have questions about exchange studies, who should I contact?

You can find a lot of information about exchange studies here. There you can also find contact information to the staff of the International Relations Office, who are responsible for exchange studies at Jönköping University.

Who do I notify about my study interruption or how do I apply for a study break (approved leave from studies)?

You need to fill in a form which you find here, and contact your study counsellor.

What insurances do I have as an international student at Jönköping University?

You can find information about insurances here. Please note that you are only insured by Jönköping University when you are an active student, which means that you have to be registred to a course or a semester in Ladok. During a study break you are not insured by Jönköping University.

Can't find the answer to your question?

You can visit Service Center in the middle of campus or call us. You will find our opening hours to the right.

You are also welcome to contact Service Center here.

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