Student Health Care

Student Health Care

The Student Health Care in Jönköping is available free of charge to students during their entire period of study.

The Student Health Care is open for all students at Jönköping University and staff are bound by professional secrecy. Please note that you must show valid ID (passport) at your appointment at the Student Health Care.

At the Student Health Care you can meet a counsellor if you need someone to talk to. We have a room where one may rest for a moment, and that you as a student are welcome to use when required.

Remember that an e-mail is like a postcard - it can be read by someone else. We cannot give advice over e-mail but you are welcome to use e-mail as a first contact.

Unfortunately there is at the moment an extended waiting period for new appointments to our counsellors.

Need to see a nurse or a doctor?

If you need to see a nurse or get medical care, you are welcome to contact any of the local health care centres in Jönköping County.
Contact information for health care centres and information about what rules apply depending on which country you come from

If you need help while the Student Health Care is closed, please contact the switch board at the County Hospital Ryhov in Jönköping, telephone number: 036-32 10 00. Through the switchboard you can reach health care centres, the emergency ward and the psychiatric emergency ward.