Insurances for international students at Jönköping University

Insurances for international students at Jönköping University

Before arriving in Sweden, it is important to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage.

Personal Injury Insurance

All students, regardless of nationality, who are admitted to and pursue their undergraduate, graduate or doctoral studies at Jönköping University, are covered by the Personal Injury Insurance for students. The insurance applies in Sweden and covers injuries during school hours and during travel to and from the location where school hours are spent. It does not cover injuries during leisure time or medical treatment costs during illness.

Liability Insurance

The liability insurance includes damage or loss caused by the student during the time when the student resides at a work site, as part of ongoing training. The insurance is valid worldwide with the exception of the USA and Canada.

Once a damage has occurred it should be reported as soon as possible to the school. The insurance covers damage or loss to up to 10 million SEK.

Health Insurance

If you need health care in Sweden different rules apply depending on which country you are from and if you are registered in the population register in Sweden. Always make sure that you have adequate health insurance. If you do not have insurance, you will have to pay the entire cost yourself if you need health care, which can be very expensive. Some countries have agreements with Sweden regarding medical benefits and in that case you pay the same health care fees as a person resident in Sweden.

Please contact the Swedish Social Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan) or visit their website for information regarding your country.

Please also note that if you plan to travel to other countries in Europe, other rules may apply regarding health care fees and you always have to make sure that you have adequate health insurance coverage.

The Swedish State’s Insurance for Tuition-Fee-Paying Students

(FAS)2015-01-01 (Kammarkollegiet) Jönköping University Insurance policy number: 556487-2744-0005.

This supplementary insurance applies only to tuition-fee-paying students, is valid for as long the student is studying at Jönköping University. It applies during the education period in accordance with the LADOK system which means that the student needs to be active and registered at a course in order to be covered by the insurance. The insurance includes:

  • Full coverage of medical costs in the event of medical emergency. No limitation in amount.
  • Coverage up to SEK 3 000 for emergency dental treatment per year.
  • Full coverage of costs for medical evacuation or repatriation of remains. No limitation in amount.
  • Liability coverage up to 3 million SEK.

The insurance applies in Sweden 24-hours a day (in the entire Schengen zone if you have an active Schengen visa), as well as departure from home country for direct journey to the Schengen zone up to arrival in home country following direct journey there from the Schengen zone. For more information, refer to the full terms and conditions of this insurance (on the right). Claim forms (on right) should be signed by International Relations Office, Students' House, 1st floor.

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

If you’re a citizen of any of the EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, you should register for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in your home country before coming to Sweden. This card gives you the right to medical care at the same cost as Swedes. The European Commission has developed an EHIC app with more information on the card and how it works.

If you’re not able to receive your EHIC before leaving home due to long waiting times, you can request a temporary certificate from the same office in your home country that issues the EHIC.

If you don’t obtain an EHIC in your home country, you’ll need to arrange your own insurance coverage to cover costs, as medical care without insurance can be very expensive. However, you always have access to emergency care.

Exchange Students - Supplementary Insurance

"Exchange students admitted at Jönköping University receive a supplementary health insurance, which covers emergency medical and dental care. The insurance applies during direct travel between the home country and Sweden, during the education period, as well as two weeks prior to the start of the studies and two weeks after the end of the studies. The insurance applies 24 hours a day in the Schengen region. The insurance also includes a basic property cover. Details about the insurance terms and conditions can be found under “Supplementary insurance – exchange students” in the right hand column.

Please note: Citizens of a Nordic country, EU/EEA country, Switzerland, or other country with which a convention regarding medical benefits exists: if students are in need of other medical assistance that is not an emergency, the students must have an EU card or similar from their home country. These students will be expected to pay the same health care fees as Swedish residents.

Since the insurance is for emergencies only, students are recommended to get a separate insurance of their own. In connection with, for example, a visa/residence permit application, the Swedish embassy or consulate may in some cases demand that you have insurance covering medical treatment costs in Sweden. If that is the case, contact the school you have applied to and they can issue a certificate of the insurance we have taken out. Non-EU programme students receive proof of the policy in their letter of acceptance.


Personal injury insurance

  • Terms and Conditionsexternal link, opens in new window
  • Personal injury insurance for students - claim formexternal link, opens in new window (pdf)

Supplementary insurance - Exchange students

FAS Insurance - Tuition Fee-Paying students

  • The Swedish State's Insurance for Tuition Fee-Paying Students
  • Claim Formexternal link, opens in new window (pdf) Claim forms should be signed by Hanna Forthmeiier, International Relations Office, Students' House, 1st floor.

Information from Försäkringskassan

(The Swedish Social Agency Board)