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Courses and accreditation

The idea of exchange studies is that you should take courses at the partner university and include them in your degree at Jönköping University. You should not need to study an extra semester when you go on study abroad.

Finding course information

The latest updated information about the partner university's courses can be found on their websites.

Here are some tips to help your search:

  • Find the page for International Relations/International Office or the equivalent; they will often gather links for exchange students; also look for Exchange students or Erasmus students.
  • Find information about the university's programmes. There you can sometimes find information about the courses. This is often found under the academic departments.
  • Search for a specific faculty of the partner university; these are often found under “schools/campuses/faculties” or similar links.
  • Courses can be named: “courses", "units", "modules”. At some partner universities, programmes may be called “courses”.
  • If you are on an bachelor programme, you should search among courses at “undergraduate/bachelor” level. If you are a master student, look under the “graduate/postgraduate” level.
  • Use the University's search function. Do a course code search and see if you can find a course description.
  • Some universities have special handbooks where all courses can be found.
  • You will often find semester dates if you search the “academic calendar” or “term dates”.
  • Many universities have pages for International Students. You may find information here, but most of the information relates to international, tuition-fee paying, students which does not apply to exchange students.

Preparatory language courses

Many of the partner universities have courses in English. Some may have a limited offering of courses in English and others may only offer courses in the national language. There are opportunities to take a preparatory language course on different levels at some partner universities. If you have previously studied a language, you can then refresh your skills before the semester begins.

Some universities organize their own courses prior to studies. (For example, several of our partner universities in Germany and France.) In some cases, these courses may be chargeable.

Important information to international students

There are special rules for international students regarding tuition fees/course fees at the Jönköping University in connection with exchange studies.

Online course pre-approvals

You must upload the courses you wish to study while on exchange in MOA for JIBS accreditors review and decision on accreditation.

For exchanges during Fall 2023 and earlier you manage your course selection in the system IntApps and not MOA. Students going on exchange from spring 2024, upload the courses in MOA Course selection module.

In the system you will see what courses other students have previously studied at the respective universities, see that as information.

Choice of courses

In order to find out which courses you should take during your exchange semester (level and dicipline), you can look in the curriculum for your programme. You need to search for the curriculum of your programme on the student web. Be sure to find your programme with your starting year.

Pre-approval of choice of courses abroad

1. Pre-approval of your choice of courses abroad is recommended to be done before you go on exchange.
Login in to MOA/Intapps, select "course selection" and you find instructions. Pre-approval is important in order to make sure that you will be able to count the courses you take during your studies abroad towards your degree here at Jönköping International Business School.

  • Please make sure that you upload the courses with the correct name in English, course code and local credits.
  • You need to add a syllabus of the course (including content, prerequisites, course literature, information about study level) as well as a link to the source. Note, don't add a course catalogue, add only the specific course syllabus. Copy/paste in a file if needed.
  • It is important that you study the equivalent number of credits for fulltime study workload while on exchange. Fulltime studies at JU is 30 ECTS. You can see the fulltime equivalence in local credits in Intapps/MOA, it differs between the universities.
  • At some universities the credit requirement can differ for bachelor and master level studies. Note that it is the level of the course indicated by the JIBS accreditor (Ex G2F, A1N), which decides what credit requirement that will be used in the course transfer. Be aware and make sure that you study the equivalence of 30 ECTS/hp.

The accreditation process usually takes about 1-2 weeks. Note that during the summer and Christmas time the process takes longer time due to vacations.

Be aware that your course approval in Intapps by the accreditors is not to be mixed up with the formal course selection at the partner university that is made in the application process to the partner university, after the course approval.

2. Be prepared for course options that may change at the start of the semester at the partner university, for reasons such as scheduling conflicts, cancellations and the like. Update Intapps if changes occur, and get approval by the accreditor.

3. The completion of the accreditation (credit transfer) will only be done once you have returned from your studies abroad, all courses have been approved on Intapps, and a copy of your transcript of records (grades) from your host university has been sent to the International Office at Jönköping International Business School.

4. Please note that you are responsible to make sure that the processes of pre-approval and completion of credit transfer (accreditation) is completed.


Remember! All reviews of courses are done through the system only! 

Accreditors at Jönköping International Business School

All reviews of courses is done through the system.

Study counsellors

If you have general questions about subject areas or academic requirements for your degree you contact the study counsellor.

International Office at JU

If you have questions about how to use the system you contact International Office at JU.

The Partner university

If you don't find syllabuses and course information you primarily contact the partner university. If you don't get a response you contact International Office at JU.