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International experience is essential for Nurses.
Learning about diverse people, cultures, beliefs and worldviews can assist nurses in becoming more effective in helping people through illness toward wellness. Research proves that nursing students who studied internationally gain increased skills in self-confidence and cultural awareness, so why not take the opportunity to up your professional game by studying abroad?

As a nursing student at HHJ you have several options to achieve international merits and become a student with an unique skill set that can be valuable in your future studies or working experience.

WHEN: semester 4
APPLICATION: See step 1 and 2 in left menu.
ASSESMENT CRITERIA: grades, amount of credits, and extra points for engagement in JU organisations
REQUIREMENTS: all students must complete the following courses at home before departure:

  • anatomy
  • physiology

These courses are essential for managing your courses abroad.
It is not possible to undertake a study abroad program if you have more than 7,5 hp outstanding (i.e. if you have failed more than 7,5 credits).
LENGTH: one semester (3 - 5 months, depending on partner university)
VFU: is available at most of our Nursing partner universities. For this reason you should be vaccinated against hepatitis B.
SCHOLARSHIPS: you can apply for Erasmus+ for studies in Europe and a travel grant from HHJ while studying outside Europe

Learn more about the partner universities in the MOA Portal and information about contact teachers at HHJ:

WHEN: semester 6
APPLICATION: in semester 5
LENGTH: min. of 8 weeks
SCHOLARSHIPS: you can apply for Erasmus+ Trainee scholarship if you plan to collect data for your thesis in Europe
TIPS: start with your application early and contact your Programme manager who can help you to get in contact with your Thesis supervisor.