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Step 4: During the exchange

Step 4 informs you of what you need to do during your exchange and also what you should do in case something unforseen happens.

Marketing mission

During your exchange semester you are a JU ambassador so this means that you will representing JU if your partner university have an Exchange Fair or any other event where you get the possibility to market JU for their students. You will also be given a week where you will post some photos and information about the partner university at "jibsstudentsabroad". This is to give our students back home a better understanding of your partner university.


During your exchange semester you will of course have fun and explore a lot. But you are also there to study and pass all your courses. So, it is important to keep a good balance between having fun and studies. If you would fail courses abroad JU does not have the possibility to help out with reexams so this means that you will have to take extra courses back home if you fail courses abroad.

In case of emergency

You can always contact JU´s International Office during your exchange semester. We will help you will any questions or concerns during the whole process.

All outgoing JU students are insured by "Kammarkollegiet Student Out". If you are in need of emergency help you can therefore contact:

Falck Global Assistance
Telephone: + 46 8-587 717 49