Sidan uppdaterad 2019-03-13

MRB Test

As a student you may be required to submit MRB samples before the upcoming VFU. Please contact the Service Center to get a signed letter / record which you need to take with you when you have the samples taken. The samples should be taken at Hälsan 2, a health center located close to the campus.

Multi-resistant bacteria (MRB) refers to bacteria which have become resistant to several antibiotics which are normally active against them. (eg MRSA, ESBL, ESBL-carba, VRE).

All students who have participated in internships abroad within healthcare and / or aged care, or who have been admitted to a hospital or received treatment as an outpatient during the past 6 months whilst studying abroad, must undergo screening for MRB. Screening should be done prior to undertaking an internship in healthcare and / or aged care.

MRB sampling also applies to all international students who, during their exchange studies at the School of Health Sciences, will participate in an internship in healthcare and / or aged care. The test must be done before the internship takes place and the student is responsible for booking the appointment where the testing/ sampling is done. This is to be organized at the students local health center.