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Here you will find frequently asked questions before applying for exchange studies and what the answer is. If your question is not answered here, please contact us through the button to the right.

What is an exchange semester?

An exchange semester means that you, as a student at Jönköping University, have the opportunity to study one or two semesters, without paying tuition fee, at one of Jönköping University´s partner universities. The partnerships are based on agreements and balance between incoming and outgoing students.

What is an exchange through International Campus?

If you apply for an exchange semester within International Campus, you complete your internship (Industrial Placement Course) or final project work at an assigned overseas company in combination with academic studies at partner university in the immediate area.

What is an Industrial Placement Course (IPC)?

The internship course IPC is a mandatory 12 credit course for all bachelor programmes, at the School of Engineering, during semester 4, 5 or 6. The course involves a written report, a log book which is weekly updated and an oral presentation at the end of the course. 280 hours are completed in collaboration with a company. The IPC can be completed abroad through International Campus.

Who can apply?

See eligibility on the student web and the information under Requirements and Selection Process in this step.

Do I need to be a Swedish Citizen to go on exchange?

No. All students at Jönköping University are invited to apply. You may however need to arrange documentation (such as insurance and visas) via your home country.

Do I need to be a full-time student?

Yes, to participate in the exchange program with partner universities requires that you be a full-time student.

What language skills do I need?

See the heading "Language Requirements" in this step.

When can I go?

See Eligibility on the student web. The opportunity to study abroad varies between programmes.

Where can I go?

Jönköping University has exchange agreements with many partner universities all around the world which provides great opportunities. Depending on which programme you study, different options are available. To find out more, read through the section "Information about JU partner universities".

What partner university should I choose?

The choice of partner universities needs to be considered carefully. Think about what the goal is with your stay abroad and what outcome you want. Consider how study abroad fits your education, future careers and personal interests. Which part of the world is more important for your programme and career?

What do I need to consider before choosing partner university?

Always check the course offerings at the contemplated partner university's website before applying in Mobility Onlin. It is important that there are courses within your fields and that these are covered within the agreement. Some agreements are limited, see Mobility Online for information.

What is Mobility Online?

Intapps is a database used by JU which contains information about partner universities, application for exchange studies and also the system used for course approval and accreditation.

What does it cost to go on exchange?

If you go through one of Jönköping University's exchange agreements, you do not pay any tuition fee at the partner university but other fees might be required to be paid by the student. Other costs such as those related to travel, insurance, study material, literature and living costs must also be paid by the student. More information for international fee paying students at Jönköping University.